December 15, 2018 - January 19, 2019


TonyClare presents an important 1993 work by artist Lutz Bacher, My Penis.
Alongside this, Minneapolis artist Justin Schlepp debuts a new installation specifically for TonyClare.

Bacher’s 1993 work, depicts John F Kennedy’s nephew William Kennedy Smith’s deposition while on trial for rape. A media sensation at the time, the video loops a particular segment in which Smith winces in his own testimony, his use of phrase “my penis.” Smith’s regret at his own use of hard language, that he was likely well coached against, acknowledges the staged aspect of the testimony. Despite the gaff, Smith was acquitted. The repetition of such verdicts throughout history echo here in Bacher’s sculpture that is an attempt at both exorcism and rage, 4 seconds still heard today.
An artist working since the 1970s, the sculpture fits into Bacher’s larger oeuvre with themes of violence, entropy, and copy.

Separate but with this TonyClare is happy to unveil Justin Schlepp’s installation for the gallery. Schlepp has created custom sound-absorption panels for the ceiling of gallery.  Block-printed on the sound panels is a repeating field, a crop of dissonance. 
Opening Reception:
Saturday, December 15
7 p.m. - 9 p.m.